About Us…

Our Mission: To preserve the past for the future

The Beavercreek Historical Society (BHS) preserves artifacts and structures of historical significance, develops and presents educational programs, operates a learning/research center, and co-manages a historical park with an early American barn and log cabins, to educate students and citizens about Beavercreek and Ohio pioneer life. 

BHS is a 501(c)3 organization formally created in 1994 by a group of concerned citizens to preserve structures of historical significance, to develop and present community educational programs, and to provide a learning center for historic education for the Beavercreek community and the State of Ohio. BHS fulfills its mission through the preparation and implementation of educational programming and activities for the community to illustrate the history and heritage of Beavercreek. To help ensure the preservation and sharing of Beavercreek history, BHS works in collaboration with the City of Beavercreek Parks, Recreation and Culture Department through a memorandum of agreement of shared responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the historic Wartinger Park, which serves as the BHS’s main venue for engaging the community. The park contains four early 19th century cabins of Beavercreek settlers and a replica of an 1858 barn.

“By perseverance, cooperation, and community spirit, these pioneers settled the land, raised their families, and gave us a future.” (Ruth A. Tobias)

Beavercreek Chronicles, “The Pioneer Family of 1840,” reprinted in Log x Log, Winter 2023.

We invite you to read the entire article here: https://beavercreekhistoricalsociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/LxL_2023_Vol32-Issue-1.pdf