Board & Chairpersons

President: Mark Wiley, bhsohio at


Vice President: Bobbie Carpenter, bhsohio at


Secretary: Mary Henry, bhsohio at


Treasurer: Rodger Reedy, bhsohio at


Historical Buildings Director: Vacant


History Center Director: Brett Williford, brett at


Living History Directors: Amy Rohrback & Shawnah Tibbs-Sergent, livinghistorybhs at


Membership Director: Chrisonna Anderson-Lutz, chrisonna.anderson at


Newsletter Director: Vacant


Program Director and Special Events Coordinator: Vacant


Publicity Director: Anita O’Neal, akfoneal at


Webmaster and Technology Director: Greg Asman, gozman at


Beavercreek City Schools Liaison: Ruth Wiley, ruth.wiley at


Beavercreek Parks Liaison: Kim Farrell, farrell at


Beavercreek Township Liaison: Carolyn DiGiandomenico, cdigiandomenico at